Lady Pedal was born on an ordinary evening, when a group of women empowered each other to overcome an unexpected puncture….


Who we are

We are a cycling community of women. We meet regularly to talk about cycling and plan cycling events for women. We aim to encourage women to cycle by helping them to feel safe and confident on Manchester’s roads.

Our Vision

To get women cycling, safely and with confidence

Our Mission Statement

We bring women together to take ownership of their health and independence through cycling.

Our Aims

  • To motivate women to cycle, for enjoyment and as a convenient way of getting around.
  • To get women cycling confidently on the roads.
  • To help women learn to maintain and fix their bike.
  • To encourage women to choose a bike which is right for them.
  • To create a cycling culture for women.
  • To promote the health benefits of cycling.
  • To build a community with a purpose and sense of belonging.

Our Objectives

  • To host an annual festival to promote and celebrate women’s cycling.
  • To meet regularly to plan events, talk about cycling and have fun.
  • To organise bike maintenance workshops, run by women and for women.
  • To meet (at least) once a month for a bike ride.
  • To talk to people about women’s cycling and what we are doing.