Women’s Cycling Stories – An evening of Tales in the Saddle

cyclingstories03-17(3)web.JPGCycling stories that’ll take you for a ride…

Lady Pedal are delighted to be hosting an evening of inspirational talks and stories from a number of women who have had a wide range of cycling experiences, as part of our program of events for Manchester’s International Women’s Festival 2017, kindly funded by Women On Wheels.

From a diverse array of backgrounds, we’ll have an interesting panel of speakers, both from Manchester and further afield, to engage and inspire before we open the stage to members of the public to share their own thoughts on everything cycling from mayhem and mishaps, to life changing experiences.

Date: Tuesday 7th March, 6pm
Venue: Sandbar
Cost: FREE! – but please register via the link below as capacity will be limited!

These exceptional 4 women will be sharing their stories, final timings and line-up:
6.10pm – Glynis Francis: “Cycling to Equality – the chain that set women free.”
6.35pm – Kathy West: “Making cycling safe and fun”
7.00pm BREAK
7.15pm – Liz Leakey: “10 lessons I learned on the road”
7.40pm – Mary Clark: “Woman in the workshop – the story of the reluctant mechanic.”
8.05pm BREAK
8.20 Open mic! – share YOUR cycling story + discussion
If that wasn’t exciting enought, early arrivals will get a free slice of the renowned Sandbar pizza!

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