Lady Pedal at LadyFest 08.10.2016


On last Saturday, Lady Pedal was invited to take part in the amazing LadyFest Community Fair alongside other great lady-powered groups. We met loads of talented women who are doing good things around Manchester and the North West in general. We left feeling inspired and empowered to do more things around Manchester. We hope you did too! Here’s a little pic of our stall (wo)manned by key Lady Pedaller Anna.

At the same time, other key Lady Pedaller Polski was off networking at the Cycling UK annual conference. She will write about all the good things she’s done in the next post!

We will be hosting a screening of the film “Half of the Road” on the 25th of October 2016 for all of you interested gals!

Keep an eye out for further details.

Loads of cycling love,

Lady Pedal Team14646667_1098588860262353_2135588701_o

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