Life Drawing with Lady Pedal


To celebrate international women’s day, we are running a life drawing session that will be directed by a professional artist, helping you perfect your skills! It will also be a chance to have a conversation about the barriers in women cycling and how it affects you.

Save the date: Tuesday 13th March 2018 at Sandbar, 120 Grosvenor St, Manchester M1 7HL

Due to the nature of the session, it will be women only and if you identify as one, then great come along!

This is also a fundraising event to help us raise money for our annual festival in September.

Get tickets on Eventbrite here!

Please do come along, we’re a friendly bunch who really want to get to know more female cyclists, and without you wonderful women, we couldn’t hold these events!

So, see you there!


The Lady Pedal Team


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