‘Reclaim the Night’ tote bag


On Thursday 22nd February, Manchester University will be hosting ‘Reclaim the Night’ at 7pm, departing from Owen’s Park Halls. This year we have decided to go and support all the women marching through the night, with our own hand made signs! In aid of this, we are also doing a silent auction and selling of this limited edition screen printed Lady Pedal suffragette tote bag. It’s the only one, so extra special.

All proceeds are going to a local charity supporting women who have suffered sexual violence (Charity TBC). We don’t get a penny, nada, zilch!

What we ask of you wonderful people, is to bid as much as you can or if you are flat broke (like some of us, damn it austerity!), then please share, tweet, Instagram, yell, cry or carrier pigeon this beautiful tote bag.

To send your bid, email: ladypedalauction@gmail.com

Auction winner will be revealed on International Women’s Day: 8th March 2018

Thanks a million,

The Lady Pedal Team


Made and designed by @zofiaworks






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